Dovenbike is a tour agency for cycling in China, founded by Doven Lu. Doven has over 4 years experience in guiding cycling tours in around China in every province. He provides a variety of different tours, depending on your experience and skill level. He also speaks very good English, offers affordable rates, and can plan your entire tour for you...Start to finish!

Cycling is very good for your health, as everyone knows, and it makes your body stronger and healthier. It also is a great way to see China, leaving a much better impression on you than a typical tour by bus or train. If you book a tour with Dovenbike, it will be an adventurous, challenging, and ultimately rewarding travel experience...and the best way to see China.

If you would like to get a taste of what touring with Doven in China is like, please check out the movie Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai. Doven guided the four Americans featured in the film for 28 days as they traveled 1,000 miles from Beijing to Shanghai.

Please contact Doven directly if you are interested in planning a tour.